Warranty and Returns Policy


The Lifetime Limited Warranty offered on RANGE RIDER Canopies and shall be restricted to the fibreglass shell and fibreglass base-rail parts of the canopy. The warranty shall be understood to cover the strength, quality and workmanship of the fibreglass shell and base-rail excluding the gel-coat surface, providing the shell and base-rail are not tampered with in any way not authorized in writing to the customer by R & R Plastics Ltd.

Factory automotive basecoat – clear coat paint is warranted to the original owner for a period of five (5) years against any defects in peeling, blisters and fading under normal use and care as outlined in your vehicle owners manual.
The Lifetime Limited Warranty above shall be offered to the first original owner as long as she or he owns the canopy on the original truck on which the canopy is installed.

Any claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase, normally the bill of sale from where the customer purchased the unit. The bill of sale must show the canopy serial number and the truck serial number it was originally installed upon. The assigned canopy serial number may not be removed as that will invalidate the warranty.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty shall apply to licensed 4-wheel drive vehicles but will not apply to unauthorized use of the canopy on such vehicles where abuse is imminent. Changes made to the canopy or base-rail by persons other than R & R Plastics Ltd. shall invalidate the warranty.

All hardware, including aluminium flanges, carries a one year limited warranty. Consequential damages (meaning significant damages as in an accident, misuse, or other means), window glass and normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.
Upon warranty approval at R & R Plastics Ltd., Limited Lifetime Warranty includes repair labour and materials, at R & R Plastics Ltd. plant, freight from the original RANGE RIDER truck delivery location, and return to same. R & R Plastics Ltd., after warranty approval, reserves the right to repair or replace the shell using the original hardware. (In the case of replacement, it may be replaced using it’s latest equivalent mold).

All warranty claims must have inspection approval from R & R Plastics Ltd. plant location at 17601 Bentley Road, Summerland, British Columbia.

Note: Not covered in any warranty are: any extra costs involved by the customer, as to taking the unit off of a vehicle and/or reinstalling a unit upon it’s return. Neither are any costs incurred by the customer in their returning to the point of sale for pick up or any inconvenience of being without the unit.
(See your dealer for further stipulations regarding approvals).




Only warranty covered product for repair and return to dealers will be accepted.
The following procedure for warranty must be followed:

Notify our Order Desk for a W.R.A. number. (Warranty Return Authorization Number).
Note: without this prior authorization number no product will be accepted for return, picked up by our drivers or processed.
W.R.A. information must include the following: Reference to the original invoice number, and; if applicable, the canopy serial number of the canopy unit / part is from. A full product description and reason why unit is to be returned is also required.
Any product returned with a W.R.A. number will be checked to verify condition and be subject to an inspection approval before forwarding to the office for processing the returned unit or part information.
Any returned product not received at our plant in good condition will not be allowed credit, other than pre-arranged warranty replacement parts. (All must be packaged sufficiently to prevent damage upon return).
*NOTE: Canopies and Tonneau Covers are built to fill each individual custom order request. Orders are considered final and received in good order upon the acceptance of, and, at point of delivery.

Responsibility of stock inventory control is essential for our dealers to avoid any slower moving application.
Returned products are also subject to a twenty percent (20%) handling charge, a re-stocking charge at the discretion of Range Rider, and the customer is responsible for freight to and from the original Range Rider truck serviced delivery location.

* Product not approved for warranty coverage will be held and dealers submitting such will be contacted as to repair costs, return or disposal intentions.